Vulnerable Groups and Individuals

A Vulnerable Groups and Individual support statement from Warren Speed and Sunday Blake.

The Research Ethics Conference will be an inclusive space for all who attend, respecting Equality, Diversity and Accessibility. Pleass know that we have  zero tolerance of bigotry, harassment or abuse in any form. We will not allow any delegates to speak over, or deny, others' lived experiences. We understand that there maybe people or groups who identify themselves as vulnerable and might like to know what it is we can do to support you.

We are here to support vulnerable people and groups with any specific needs or requests that they have before, during and after the conference. Combined, we both have extensive experience with working with and supporting vulnerable groups and we will do all we can to make sure that you are well looked after.

Support might include:

- Making sure that your session is not recorded or goes live

- Placing limits of how many attend the session you are presenting

- Making sure that pseudonyms are used on name badges and abstracts etc

- Not having your accepted abstract published and instead its just the title with a pseudonym

- Proving private breakout/meeting rooms for vulnerable groups who attend/present. 

You might also want to use the Research Ethics Conference as an opportunity of advocacy. This might include:

- Having a dedicated breakout rooms online

- Having a dedicated research session (3 papers) dedicated to a particular theme

- Holding a presentation session that falls outside of a traditional format

- Including flyers and other literature in the online conference packs

- A Blog on the Research Ethics Conference website

- Dedicates and secure online private session rooms

Whatever it is that you would like support with, please do message us so that we can put things in place. Alternatively, if you would like an online meeting for a chat, we can also do this.

Please email Warren* and Sunday* at

*This email address is also used by some other committee members, Warren Speed, Caitlin Kight, Charlotte Juggins, Kelly Louise-Preece & Elis Jones . You can see who these committee members are by clicking here.


Warren Speed

Vulnerable Groups and Individuals Support


Sunday Blake

Vulnerable Groups and Individuals Support