A sustainability statement from Elis Jones, our Sustainabilty Coordinator.

For the upcoming conference it is my job to try and promote sustainability as far as possible. The Coronavirus pandemic has made this a much harder task by shifting priorities and attention away from environmental sustainability and towards mitigating the impacts of Covid-19. In the long run, given the links that exist between diseases and climate change, this is a false dichotomy. Tackling either of these properly requires a focus on both. The pandemic represents both difficulties and opportunities for tackling climate change, for example whilst usage of plastic may have increasedglobal carbon emissions may have dropped


My aim is to try and show that it is possible to run an environmentally friendly and Covid-safe event, even in-person, by capitalising on the opportunities and trying to work around the difficulties presented by the pandemic. 

As well as promoting sustainable travel (More information to below) I am also hoping to calculate (roughly) and offset (as far as is practical) the conference’s carbon footprint. Any updates on the progress of this and all our commitments to sustainability will be posted here, below. 

Any questions or suggestions about sustainability should be sent to


Elis Jones

Sustainability Coordinator