Special Call for Papers:

Ethics and Society in the 21st Century

Recent news media is plagued with stories of state violence, xenophobia, racism, misogyny and social inequality. In this special CFP issue, we invite and encourage attendees to join in a conversation and engage in a discussion on the urgent ethical actions action we must take to address growing social inequality and violence in the 21st Century. 


In this conference, we aim to create a space for all academics, researchers, students and activists to discuss how we can envision and pave the way towards new, more just societies. 

You will find more useful information below. 


Special Call for Papers

Ethics and Society in

the 21st Century

Important Information and Dates

Everyone has the opportunity to submit an abstract for this Special Call for Papers; this is an opportunity to be as creative as you like presenting an idea, an experience, or anything else on the topic of Ethics and Society in the 21st Century.

We are looking for anything related to how ethics is applied, practiced, theorised and researched within society and the 21st century. This can include within academia, industry and external stakeholders. We are interested in any organisation, institution, organisation, group or individual who has anything they would like to share anything related to how ethics is applied, practiced, theorised and researched within this special call for papers.

Some potential areas you may choose to present on include (not limited to):

  • The ethics of direct action and peaceful protest 

  • Contemporary social movements (e.g. BLM, extinction rebellion, feminist movements).

  • Our moral and social responsibility to challenge intersectional oppressions, to include gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, class, etc. 

  • Climate change and extractive capitalism 

  • Wealth inequality and global economies (e.g. The ethics of free trade agreements)

  • Surveillance capitalism in a state of emergency 

  • The ethics of universal basic income 

  • Transforming societies: paving the way towards more just, dignified, ethical ways of living


This is not a definitive list! If you have an idea which responds to the themes of the conference, please feel free to submit an abstract and we will find a way to support you.

Important dates for poster registration and submission:

  • This Special Call for Papers for Ethics and Society in the 21st Century closes on 1st May 2021 at 23.59 BST.

Submitting an abstract does not register you to attend the conference. You must also register separately to have full conference access.

Special Call for Papers Criteria

We are very open on the type of abstract you might like to submit. These could include a paper abstract, workshop, panel discussion, performance piece or any other innovative format. Click here to submit an abstract.

Abstract requirements:

  • All abstracts need to be written in standard English alongside a maximum of 6 keywords. 

  • Abstracts should consist of no fewer than 200 and no more than 400 words.

  • You can include references. References are not included in the word count. You will also have the opportunity to include your reference list in a separate section of the application

  • Symposium/Panel abstracts submissions can include up to 3 – 5 papers/presenters and must include a paragraph about each paper in the symposium including an overview of the symposium/panel.

  • If you will be submitting an innovative abstract including a performance or art piece, the above criteria still applies.

  • All abstracts will undergo peer review by at least two reviewers.

  • If you have any questions regarding abstract submissions please contact us directly, submissions@researchethicsconference.co.uk


If you are submitting as co-authors or as a panel, all author names must be stated on the submission. Panel proposals must have a minimum of three and a maximum of five papers. Panel members must also assign a chair to facilitate the session.

PLEASE NOTE: submitting a proposal does not automatically register you for the conference. To register for the conference, you need to do this separately by clicking here.

Useful Contact Information

 To submit an abstract please click here.