Resources for Writing Abstracts 


Person Writing

Writng an Abstract for a Scientfc Conference

Credit: Simkhada P, van Teijlingen Hundley & Simkhada BD

Piles of Books

How to write a standard research article

Credit: Inspiring Academic Practice

Black Notebook

Credit: Department of History North  Caroline State University

Man at Desk

How to write a killer conference abstract


Credit: Helen Kara

Writing on Computer

Writing an Abstract - A Guide from the Writing Centre

Credit: The Writing Center


REC2021 Abstract Writing Workshop

Credit: Dr Helen Foster-Collins

How to write a successful  conference abstract

Credit: Tim Burgland

How to write an abstract step-by-step

Credit: Bright Side Media

How to write a strong abstract

Credit: Dr Amina Yonis

Writing a powerful research paper/conference abstract

Credit: Cecile Badenhorst