Writing an Abstract for a Scientific Conference

by Simkhada P, van Teijlingen E, Hundley V & Simkhada BD

This paper looks at and discuses how to write an abstract for a scientific conference.

How to write a standard research article

by Inspiring Academic Practice

University of Exeter

This is very useful website gives you step by step guidance of how to write an abstract.

How to write a killer conference abstract 

by Helen Kara

The London School of Economics

The blog post from University of Exeter graduate Sarah Foxen discusses research posters, impact and how to be creative when presenting your research.

REC2021 Abstract Writing Workshop

by Dr Helen Foster-Collins

University of Exeter

How to write a successful  conference abstract

by Tim Burgland

How to write a strong abstract

by Dr Amina Yonis

Writing a powerful research paper/conference abstract

by Cecile Badenhorst

How to write an abstract step-by-step

by Bright Side Media

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