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The Unseen Self…Beyond The Recorded Eye! Integrating Spirituality into Nursing Education and Health care practices

By Dr Gulnar Ali
Master Practitioner EMCC, UK Senior Lecturer in Research (Education and Research) College of Medicine & Health, University of Exeter, UK

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Spiritually competent care could foster meaning making and self-efficacy, especially during the
COVID-19 pandemic. However, a need for developing a shared understanding through more
explicit representation of spirituality in nursing education, research and practice ethos; has
been voiced over last three decades. To construct spirituality in health education; a reflective
framework, SOPHIE (Self-exploration through Ontological, Phenomenological, and
Humanistic, Ideological, and Existential expressions) was developed by the researcher in
2017. SOPHIE, has been applied as a practice methodology during several teaching and mentoring
sessions, across the COVID-pandemic 2020-2021. Reflective activities such as: art as an agency,
poetry writing and practicing gratitude and mindfulness, were used to explore person’s
spiritual and existential care needs. Participants were facilitated to explore moral values, existential
quest and meaning making process to address their self-care needs. SOPHIE, as practice
methodology; recognised the power of authenticity, self-awareness, intentionality, creativity
and empowerment, as core domains of spiritual care. Acknowledging the scope of spirituality
and existential care, in nursing education and health care practices, is highly recommended.

Key words: Reflexivity, existential care, authenticity, self-efficacy, spiritual care needs, nursing
education and health care practices.