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A Mental Health and Wellbeing Statement from Lesley McAneny-Turner, our Mental Health and Wellbeing Officer

For the upcoming conference it is my job to try and promote positive mental health and wellbeing as far as possible. I have an extensive carear in mental health and wellbeing services with my PhD looking at mental health and further education.  


The Coronavirus pandemic and everyday stresses and anxiety will affect presenters and attendees in many different ways. 


My aim is to try and make our conference a mental health and wellbeing aware event. On the day there will be a quiet space for people to reflect and prepare their presentations along with speaker support. There will also be the opportunity to have someone provide you with a tour of the rooms being used.   


Leading up to the conference we will be holding fortnightly Team meetings with people who wish it to provide mental health and wellbeing support. This is not a counselling service but a safe non-judgemental area to discuss your anxieties and concerns surrounding the conference, writing your abstract, designing your poster or any other conference related topic. These sessions are confidential unless a disclosure is made which may harm yourself or someone else.   


Any updates on the progress of this and useful resources will be posted here, below.  


Any questions or suggestions about mental health and wellbeing should be sent to

Lesley McAneny-Turner

Mental Health & Wellbeing Officer

Social Media Coordinator 

Research Ethics Conference

Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA)

The Research Ethics Conference has on the committee and on the day of the conference 2 Mental Health First Aiders. Below you can see who they are along with their certification of completion and attendance.

Kelly Louise-Preece

Mental Health First Aid Champion


Certificate of Attendance  

(Click to download)

Charlotte Juggins

Mental Health First Aid Champion


Certificate of Attendance  

(Awaiting certificate)

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