Frequently asked questions


Who is this conference aimed at?

This conference is aimed at anybody who has an interest in research ethics within any discipline or someone who would like the opportunity to share their practice and thoughts. The conference warmly invites academic and professional staff, PhD students and external (including non-academic) organisations.

Can I get a confirmation of attendance?

Yes, of course. You can request this at the delegate registration desk at the start of the conference and collect it from the same place by the end of the day. If you would prefer an electronic copy, we can mail it to you throughout the week after the conference.

When will the conference take place? Where is it located?

The Research Ethics Confernece 2021 will take place on the Friday 26th March 2021 at the University of Exeter, St Luke's Campus. We do have a Covid backup date of Friday 25th June 2021.

Are food and refreshments availbale?

We are very pleased to offer food and refreshments to all registered delegates free of charge.

We also have an onsight coffee shop and restaurant called Cross-Keys. Waitrose is also across the road from St Luke's Campus. We are also very close to the boutique coffee shops and deli counters on Magdalen Road.

I have dietary requirements. Are you able to cater for me?

We aim to cater for all our delegates. When you register you will have the option to let us know any dietary requirements that you have. If you have forgotten to let us know or you need to add or change anything, please email

Is WiFi available?

Yes wifi is available. There is a guest login or you can access the Wifi using Eduroam.

What are the key themes?

To make sure that we remain inclusive across all disciplines, we do not have a conference theme. Instead we are keeping the conference open for us all to share what we have to say about Research Ethics.

Sub-themes will be created depending on the papers that are accepted.

Will I receive a name badge?

Yes. You will be able to collect this at the registration desk.

We do understand that delegates like to take their lanyard and badge with them as a memento. We are of course happy with this.

We also ask delegates to return their badge and lanyard to the registration desk so that they can be recycled for next time.

Will my data be shared; if so, with whom?

Your anonymous data will be shared with the South West Doctoral Training Partnership (SWDTP) and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). The SWDTP and ESRC are interested in the numbers of funded and non-funded people that attend. They will not have access to any personal details.

What is the dress code for the event?

We want all of our attendees to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. We ask that attendees where what they like but avoid wearing any clothing with offensive or rude slogans or images.

Will there be photography at the event?

There will be an official photographer at the conference. If you do not want to be included in any photos, please speak to staff at the front desk; they will provide you with a wristband to indicate you should be excluded from photos. We encourage all presenters to use a 'no photography' emblem on their presentations if they would prefer that audience members do not document their presentations and / or share them online. it is also a good idea to reiterate this message out loud to ensure that audience members are aware of your preference.

Will there be a quiet space?

Yes there will be. This space will be space for you to relax and have some of your own time. Refreshments will also be availabe. When you are in this space please repect that others are here for some quiet space also. More information will be available soon.

Abstracts & Presentations

What should my presentation be about?

Anything and everything you wish to talk about in relation to your research journey and ethic considerations. No topic is out of place.

Am I able to submit an abstract and present virtually?

Yes, you are. We always try to accommodate any format of presentation. Please email with your request and we will look into this for you.

I am a PhD student who is self-funded, am I able to attend or present at the conference?

Yes, we welcome all PhD students regardless of funded status.

I'm in the early stages of my research, can I still present?

We'd love you to! The Research Ethics Conference aims to provide a platform for researchers from all stages to communicate what they have been working on and how they are envisioning some ethical dilemmas they may encounter.

What do you expect from my presentation?

If your abstract is approved, we would ask you to prepare a 15-minute presentation on the proposal. You can use PowerPoint if you like, however any other creative presentation methods are welcome. Each presentation will be followed by a 5 to 10 minute round of questions by the audience. We also welcome experimental formats for paper and panel sessions!

I have been contacted by the committee and asked to chair the sessions, what does this mean?

The conference committee will assign one chair amongst the presentes per session who will be contacted 1 month prior to the conference. The day of the conference, during registration, the chair will be provided with a pack that specifies their role. Broadly speaking, these include introducing the presentes, directing the questions round, and ensuring presentations are kept within the 20 minutes timeslot.

I'm a presenter - is there a PowerPoint template I should be using?

No. You are free to present in whatever format or template you wish.

How can I find out when someone is scheduled to present?

Once we have accepted your abstract we will start to put together the confernece programme. This programme will show you who is presenting when and will be released in good time.


I have submitted an abstract/poster. Do I need to also register for a ticket?

Yes, you do. If you have submitted an abstract or poster you will still need to register for a delegate ticket via Eventbrite. If a group of you have submitted an abstract then you will individually need to register for a delegate ticket.

How can I register?

You can register via Eventbrite.

How much is registration?

We are very pleased to announce that we have secured funding to make this conference entirely free. You do not need to pay anything.

However, please do bare in mind that tickets are limited. If you cannot attend please cancel you ticket via Eventbrite.

We aim to make the conference accessible as possible. If you are unable to attend and do not cancel your ticket then we will be paying an empty space that could have been given to someone on the waiting list.

Can I cancel my registration?

Yes you can. Please visit Eventbrite to cancel your ticket.


What should my poster look like?

Be creative! Use your posters to communicate your research ethics as effectively and attractively as possible. Please contact us prior to the day of the conference if you require any extra equipment aside from a standard standing board for your poster (a table, some lights, anything you can think of!).


What are the Research Ethics Conference doing around Covid-19?

We have a very strong committee consisting of academic and professional university staff, PhD students and local organisations who are all keeping a close on the Covid-19 restrictions.

We also have two committee members (Kelly Louise-Preece and Charlotte Juggins) who are overseeing and advising the committee on Covid-19 related matters.

The conference committee will constantly be considering our position in respect to the safety and wellbeing of all presenters, delegates, staff and committee members.

Currently, we are working on how we go about creating a face-to-face Covid safe envrionemnt. This inldues purchasing face masks, face shields, santiation areas covid training for committee members and other services.

What happens if there are still restrictions in June 2021?

The Research Ethics Conference committee have a (provisional) back up date in September 2021. We will be constantly monitoring the pandemic.


I would like to run a workshop at the Research Ethics Confernece. Is this possible?

Yes, we would love to. If you would like to run a workshop, please email to discuss this further.

Travel & Accomodation

Where can I stay during the confernece?

St Luke's campus is in the city centre of Exeter. We have plenty of hotels that are just a short walk away.

What about sustainable travel?

The committe are working hard to arrange sustaible options. We will be working with the train operating companies to offer discounts to you. This is an ongoing process and we will update you all soon (17/08/20)

Is accessible parking avaible at the University of Exeter or nearby?

Yes, we do have accessible parking at the University of Exeter. Blue Badges are very welcome, however these spaces are very limited and we can not guarantree a space. Triangle Carpark is a 0.2 mile walk uphill (slight incline) to St Luke's Campus. This car park has desingated accessible spaces. However, please do email us at if you need additional support. The committee are here to help and support you.


How can I reserve exhibitor space?

Please email


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