Who is the conference aimed at?

This conference is aimed at anybody who has an interest in research ethics within any discipline or someone who would like the opportunity to share their practice and thoughts. The conference warmly invites academic and professional staff, PhD students and external (including non-academic) organisations.

Can I get a confirmation of attendance?

Yes, of course. You will receive an electronic copy to your email address. We will mail it to you throughout the week after the conference.

When will the conference take place? Where is it located?

REC2021 will take place online via the Hopin online platform. You will find more information about this by follwing our Twitter page and checking back at the website. If you have registered to attend the confernece or have placed a submission, you will be sent updates and further information.

What are the key themes?

Because we want to encourage innovation, exploration, and breaking down boundaries, the Research Ethics Conference organising committee deliberately opted not to select a conference theme. However, we do want to give contributors and attendees an idea of what they will learn by engaging with the event. Obviously, exact learning outcomes will differ according to each participant’s unique session schedule, but the following list provides a summary of the topics that we are encouraging our presenters to cover: Making decisions about projects – e.g.,

  • What happens when the project is long-term and needs to adapt to changing conditions over time?
  • How do you ethically make quick decisions in the moment?
How ethics are determined – e.g.,
  • Where and how do we learn ethics?
  • Why, and in what ways, do ethics change over time?
  • Can (and should) we try to influence ethics in our disciplines?
Putting ethical theory into practice – e.g.,
  • When working collaboratively, how do you negotiate ethics?
  • What do researchers need to do to gain fluency in the ethical concerns and procedures of other disciplines?
  • What does reflective practice look like and how does it support ethics?
Application of particular techniques and procedures – e.g.,
  • How do you do [insert method here]?
  • What does a good ethics application look like?
Potential contributors should not feel constrained by this list – you are more than welcome to suggest a poster or session that covers a different topic – but hopefully this short list of suggestions provides a sense of what you can expect to get out of the event when you attend!

Will my data be shared; if so, with whom?

Your anonymous data will be shared with the South West Doctoral Training Partnership (SWDTP) and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). The SWDTP and ESRC are interested in the numbers of funded and non-funded people that attend. They will not have access to any personal details. The Research Ethics Confernce will also use your registered email address to send you updates and to distribute your electronic certificates. Your data will not be passed to anyone else apart from those describes above.

Do you use any social networks?

Yes we do. We primarily use Twitter and sometomes we use Facebook.

How can I see a list of who is attending?

Will I have the opportunity to connect with other registered attendees prior to the event?

The short answer is no. We do host some workshops relating to research ethics leading up to REC2021 where you will be able to see who is taking part and engage is discussion. However, not all people that attend the workshops are planning on attending RCE2021.

Do I need to have my camera on?

The choice is entirley yours. We will be using the Hopin platform which means you can communicate with your camera on and off, sound on and off and if you prefer to have video and sound off together, you can use our chat function where you can send over questions in sessions have a chat with people in the various workshops and networking spaces.

Will speaker presentations be available after the event?

We are working on this. As we are going online using a new confernce platform we are having to make sure that we go about this the right way. We will be updating this as soon as we have more infromation.

What happens if there is a schedule change?

Schedule change are inevitable. We will make sure we limit any schedule changes. A benefit about using the Hopin confernece platfrom means that we will be able to make schdeule changes seemlesely with very little interuption. If there are any changes on the day you will receieve push nofications to let you know this.

Who do I contact if I have a complaint?

If you have a complaint you can email and address it to Warren Speed (REC Founder and Chair).

Do I have to attend the whole day?

The choice is entirley up to you. The schedule/programme on the Hopin confernece platfrom that we are using, allows you to select specifc sessions/workshops you are interested in and have them added to your calnder on your computer and/or phone. These will serve as a reminder that your event is about to start with a link straight to that session.

Can I see what sessions will be presented before I attend REC2021 online?

Yes. We will send out a pdf confernece prgoramme and a an abstract booklet to each person that has registered to attend REC2021.

How can I find out when someone is scheduled to present?

You will be able to find this information on the programme that we send you before the event. You will also be able to find this information on the 'schedule' on the day of the confernece.

If my internet fails and I am kicked out what do I do?

Ah, the joys of technology. We understand that this can sometimes happen and when it does its frustrating. If your internet fails then you will easily be able to log back on again using your Hopin login detais.

Will presentations be recorded to be reviewed at a later date?

At the moment we are looking into this. As we are using an online platform that is new to us, we are still investgiating this option. We will update this section as soon as we find out more.


How can I register?

You can regsiter for REC2021 for FREE by clicking here.

How much is registration?

We are very pleased to announce that we have secured funding to make this conference entirely free. You do not need to pay anything. We want to make sure that the barrier to conference fees are complety abdisrbed by REC2021. This means that local, national and international organsiations are able to partciapte fully.

I have submitted an abstract/poster. Do I need to also register for a ticket?

Yes, you do. If you have submitted an abstract, workshop or poster you will still need to register for a delegate ticket via Eventbrite. If a group of you have submitted an abstract then you will individually need to register for a delegate ticket. Click here to register.

How is my registration confirmed?

When will the conference registration close?

If I can't attend, can I transfer my registration?

What if I have to cancel?


What should my poster look like?

Be creative! Use your posters to communicate your research ethics as effectively and attractively as possible. The Research Ethics Conference will be hosted on This versatile platform offers the opportunity for every poster submission to have its own dedicated and interactive page. As well as the poster itself, there are the options to include additional text and images as well as a pre-recorded video presentation of your poster. The page also has a chat function to allow you to interact with other conference delegates.

What are the important dates relating to poster submisisons?

  • The deadline for submitting your poster title and brief abstract is Tuesday 1st June 2021
  • The deadline for submitting all materials is Friday 11th June 2021

How do I submit a poster?

You can submit a poster by clicking here.

Where can I find guidelines and information about Poster Sessions?

We are currently desiging our confernce platfrom for posters for the Hopin platform. However, we can let you know that each poster presenter will be able to submit their poster to us that we are able to put online and will have the opporunity to host a live presentation with Q&A. Poster presetners will also have the choice of one of the following:

  • A pre-recorded presentation video (up to 5 mins)
  • A google slides document (up to 5 slides)

How do I ask questions about a poster?

We are looking forward to hosing posters online via the Hopin conference platform. This now means that you can ask questions in a variety of ways, including online chat and via video.

How should I layout my poster?

You can layout your poster anyway you choose. It can be either portrait or landscape. It is good practice to layout the information on your poster in a logical fashion so it can be read left to right and up to down. Images and infographics draw attention and make a poster visually appealing

What makes a good poster?

A good poster is eye-catching and easy to read. It follows a logical flow (i.e., left to right, up to down) and makes use of titles, headings and images. A good poster doesn’t contain too much text. Bullet points might be used. The poster should be visually cohesive and there should be a high contrast between colours A good poster should have a clear meaningful title and show clearly the names of the authors.

What links might I want to include?

You can include links to allow viewers to learn more about you or your poster. These might include: Social media such as Twitter or Linked-in Blog Research project website Personal Profile Link to an e-poster version of your poster with embedded video or links (Prezi or similar)

What will live sessions look like?

You have the option of presenting your poster in a live session. These sessions will be 15? minutes long. We suggest using 5-7 minutes to present your poster and the remaining time for questions. Participants can submit questions by live video or by using the chat function.

How can I interact with other conference participants to discuss my poster?

Each poster presenter will have a dedicated online ‘poster booth’ on the hop-in platform. Anyone visiting the booth can leave a question or comment using the chat function. We encourage you to check the chat throughout the day and respond to people’s comments. You should receive a notification when someone posts. You also have the option of presenting your poster in a live session, this will include a Q&A. Participants can submit their questions by live video or by using the chat function.

What format should my pre-recorded poster presentation be in?

There are two ways to create your pre-recorded presentation- video or google slides. Pre-recorded sessions can be recorded as a video file and uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, please send us the link to your presentation and we will include it on your dedicated poster page. Advice on creating/uploading a video can be found here: (YouTube) and here: (Vimeo) If you prefer to use google slides, you can submit up to 5 slides. Please send us the published slides link to you your presentation for inclusion on your poster page. The published Slides link will always start with rather than if not published to the web. Publishing Slides to the web is easy with File > Publish to the web menu on the Slides page.

How will the live poster presentations work?

All poster presenters will have the opportunity to attend training on how to use the hop-in platform. Put simply, once it is time for your live presentation, go to your poster page. There will be a button labelled ‘toggle to turn on live session’ near the top of the page, then the ‘share audio and video’ to start your presentation. Other people can request to share their audio/video to ask a question and you can control this using the moderation panel.

Will there be support for poster presenters on the day of the conference?

We will have a help desk which will be an open session on Hopin all day for people to ask for support. This can be via chat or video chat. You can also email us and we will have dedicate phone numbers you can call.

What support is available for poster presenters?

All poster presenters will be able to access training materials to learn how to navigate Hop-in. We will also be having sessions before the event for all presenters. We are also going to be offering dedicated training and bookable one-to-one sessions. We will have a help desk which will be an open session on Hopin all day for people to ask for support. This can be via chat or video chat. You can also email us and we will have dedicate phone numbers you can call. If you have any other queries or concerns, or to discuss any accessibility needs please contact We are happy to discuss any ideas you have and offer advice on how to create your poster.

Will I receive certification for presenting a poster?

Yes, all presenters and delegates will receive a certificate. You also have the possibility of winning one of the prizes for posters which includes and additional certificate and a cash prize!

I cannot attend the conference on the day, can I still submit a poster?

Yes, you have the option of submitting a pre-recorded poster presentation which will be included on your dedicated Hop-in poster page. More information about the hop-in platform can be found here (LINK). Please let us know if you are unable to attend and we will make a note on your page that will ask visitors to your poster to leave questions or comments via email, rather than using the in-built chat function.

I am not from the UK, can I still submit a poster?

Yes! We encourage international contributions. All posters and presentation must be in English. If the timing of the conference is inconvenient to you due to time zones, we encourage you to submit a pre-recorded presentation of your poster that delegates can view at any point. We can also make a note on you poster page so that delegates can submit comments or questions via email, which you can respond to at your leisure.


I would like to run a workshop at the Research Ethics Confernece. Is this possible?

Yes, we would love you to. If you would like to run a workshop, please email to discuss this further. If you are ready to submit a workshop proposal, please click here.


How do I submit an abstract?

What are the plenary sessions?

Will presentations be recorded?

Frequently Asked Questions