Cup of Tea

Cup of Ethics

As a conference committee, we not only want to talk about ethics, but also embody ethics in our interactions with conference participants. To this end, we have created the 'Cup of Ethics' space to express our commitment, to share our good practices, and to provide you with an opportunity to interact with us informally. We invite you to pour yourself a cuppa and settle in to read through our resources; you're also welcome to book a chat with one of our committee members if you'd like a friendly conversation about ethics in general or perhaps some more tailored Q&A or advice associated with some aspect of the conference.

Please see below for more information on each of the key ethics themes we have tried to prioritise while organising this event. If you have questions about any topics not included here -- or if you would like to contribute some resources or expertise of your own -- please let us know at

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Vulnerable Groups & Individuals




Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity


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