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Islam and Coping with Chronic Illness – A Question of Faith Providing a Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Viewpoint

By Dr Shahid Nazir Muhammad
Specialist Biomedical Scientist and member of the Healthcare Professions Council (HCPC)

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With exception to individuals with severe learning difficulties and neurological illnesses (which of course are devastating in their own right), there has never existed a human being who has not been aware not only of his body but also of his individuality, both physical and spiritual. Muslims and non-Muslims can have a number of chronic illnesses affecting their health and ability to cope. This article seeks to provide understanding of Islam and definition of knowledge, an understanding of what Muslims believe and health and coping from an Islamic context. Coping is explored providing Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) perspective. Aims/ Objectives: This article also looks at Kidney Transplantation and Organ Donation in an Islamic context. More evidence-based research is required on Islam and coping, and Allah (God) informs that No Muslim is afflicted with harm because of sickness or some other inconvenience, but that Allah will remove his sins for him as a tree sheds its leaves (Bukhari). There is also a requirement for health professionals to acknowledge the Islamic faith when attending to specific healthcare needs. Review: A holistic treatment plan that takes into consideration all aspects (i.e., Tawheed – oneness of God) and employs appropriate health care strategies to deal with each aspect of the illness would likely produce the best, fastest and enduring results. Through its benevolent verses, The Holy Qur’an highlights that suffering in this life is shortterm. Allah informs in the Qur’an: No burden do We place on any soul but that which it can bear Conclusion: Allah informs that for every disease, there is a cure. Those who do not believe in mercy or practice it cannot expect to be saved by it. Reciting and reflecting on verses of the Holy Qur’an can be comforting and promote positive coping. InAllah Ma’Sabireen (Indeed Allah is with those who are patient). Keywords: Coping, Islam, Faith, Chronic Illness, Kidney Disease, Transplantation, Organ Donation