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Enhancing the performance of academic employees through training and development in a South African University

By Lindani Manda and Dr Omololu Fagbadebo
Durban Institute of Technology

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People’s development is crucial to increasing or sustaining growth, through increased performance, competitiveness, and profitability levels. Staff development provides growth in staff academic career and improved university organization. In other words, it assists in the promotion of academic employees from one level to another and encourages hard work amongst them. During the period of staff development, members of the academic staff have the privilege of undergoing training while retaining their jobs.

This study presents an analysis of the importance of training and development for the enhancement of the performance of academic employees in a university in South Africa. Acquisition of training and development are hallmarks of Higher Education Institutions (HEI). This is not limited to the students, but also the personnel that imparts the training and development skills should continually improve on their skills. The academic employees of any educational institution have to obtain some form of training or development in their professions. Thus, the primary objective of the study is to explore the various ways of improving the performance of academic employees at HEI through effective training and development. This will incorporate the needs for the management of HEI to initiate different training and development mechanisms that could help to accelerate the level of motivation and work performance of academic employees. 

The study explores  the imperatives of training and development in enhancing the performance of academic employees in achieving organizational productivity at a university which will be used to reflect on ways to improve productivity and stay motivated. The study  examines the variables that impede further training and development of academic employees of the University despite the various training opportunities provided by the university for academic staff.